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    Data and Media Conversion
On-site Solutions or Bureau Service:
All tapes - All formats - All media

Expert help is on hand from the leading tape drive & conversion software specialists. Interchange Technology can read any tape format, on almost any media - and convert it to a compatible data format for the target system.

Have you an occasional need to read tapes from a variety of sources ?
- our bureau service can selectively read and reformat the data - then write it to whichever media you prefer.

Do you have a frequent requirement to transfer data between computer systems ?
- our software will convert the data format to make it compatible with the target computers.

Are you planning to migrate from a legacy mainframe system to a client / server network ?
- we can supply the hardware, software and expertise to allow you to quickly convert and transfer your data to the new system.

Do you need to transfer a large quantity of data to another computer on a one-off basis ?
- we can supply an on-site rental tape drive together with a tape conversion expert to set up the installation of the drive. When the job is completed we uninstall and collect the equipment.

Data and Media Conversion
Use our bureau services or purchase the tape drive and data conversion software for on-site use.

Tape Duplication Services
- You provide the master - we supply single or multiple copies to any media.

Archive Conversion Services
- with todays advanced technology, the traditional 9-track reel tape archive - with inherent space and maintenance problems - can now be migrated to a compact, expandable tape library which can sit on a desktop next to your workstation.

All jobs, regardless of size, are welcome.

Please contact Interchange Technology
sales for more information


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