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ITL 3480/90/90E compatible
Cartridge Tape Drives

Impressive performance and flexibility of configuration has proved this range of drives a most cost effective 3480/90/90E solution to the users of virtually all midrange computers, Unix workstation and PC/Windows computing platforms.

These drives offer high-speed data access and rapid transfer rates in a compact tape drive. Engineered for reliability and ease of use, the unit is as much at home in the harsh operating environments of oceanographic survey ships as it is in the modern office computer suite.

Available in single drive or autoloader variants, the small physical footprint of the device enables two drives to be fitted side by side in a standard 19" rack.


18-Track Write Option
This version of the drive reads and writes 36-track tapes in IBM compatible format. For maximum tape interchange flexibility, the new 18-track write feature allows the writing of tape in the 18-track format. This feature may be enabled from the operator panel or by a SCSI command from the host.

Flexible Configuration
The ITL 3480/90/90E series tape drive is available in a variety of configurations to accommodate a range of customer requirements. Both desktop and rackmount models are available with the following features and functions :


Automated Cartridge Loader (ACL) - provides the sequential or random accessing of up to ten cartridges to support the unattended processing of 24 Gigabytes of data



Interface Personality Modules (IPM) - interchangeable SCSI interfaces allow the drive to be connected to almost all host computer platforms for maximum compatibility and to cover future requirements.

M4 Data 'Twin Peaks'
M490E series 3490E Cartridge Tape Drive

From a manufacturer with the highest reputation in the field of data storage, this 3490E tape drive has been designed to withstand use in heavy duty cycle applications. Construction is substantial and robust with extended life motors, the simple and reliable loading mechanism making the M490 the choice for the worlds' largest producer of tape library systems.

The M490E Standalone Drive
This 36-Track device offers a full range of high-end features. Super-fast performance, an 18-Track read/write facility and a full range of connectivity options (including FIPS) makes the M490E suitable for PC systems through to mainframes.

The patented air bearings and pressurised read/write head place this drive in a class all of its own. These systems ensure that the tape 'floats' on air at all times, thereby eliminating friction and stiction - making tape wear a thing of the past. The air film is maintained whenever tape is loaded, even when stationary - and for additional data integrity the air system vacuums away any media debris and traps it in a filtration unit.

The drive can be used horizontally or vertically, in a rack-mount or desktop configuration. For scalability, the standard unit can easily upgraded to a M490L library system or be utilised in other library types.

The M490L Autolibrary

This system combines the strengths of the M490E drive with an innovative robotic loader to give easy access to an impressive 15 cartridges, able to store 36GB of data on standard 3490E tape media in desktop space.

The easily managed twin 7 cartridge magazines can be loaded independently without affecting the read/write operation of the unit, so continuous backup is an easy procedure. A separate priority access slot enables an additional data or cleaning cartridge to be loaded or retrieved without disturbing the magazines. Loading and unloading is fast and simple.

The M490L is available in desktop and industry standard rack-mount versions. For the simplest system integration the unit can select cartridges sequentially, in which case the host sees it as one large capacity drive. However, for real flexibility the unit can be configured as a small library - allowing it to be used as a mass storage device with fast, near line access.

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