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ITL 3590 compatible
Cartridge Tape Drives

This new range of 3590 compatible tape drives have been developed to fulfil growing speed and capacity demands from users of all computer platforms.

Available as stand-alone and autoloader models, the new drives are targeted at the midrange/workstation back-up and data interchange sector, as well as markets such as oil & gas exploration - where geographical and seismic mapping applications require large amounts of storage and high data transfer rates.

The new drive offers direct compatibility with the IBM 3590 in a very compact and lightweight unit with a front panel dimension of 127x217mm two of the drives will fit side by side into a 19 industry standard rack! This drive is a development of our existing 3480/90/90E series - and it incorporates much of the proven technology and reliability which has made that device an industry leader.

Data transfer rates are increased to 13.5MB/second, with tape running speed of three metres per second both substantially faster than the comparable IBM 3590 device. Storage capacity per cartridge is 10GB and up to 35GB with compression.

Autoloader versions are available that handle 5 and 10 cartridge magazines in table top configuration. This enables the user to process up to 100GB (350GB compressed) of data for unattended high quality back-up. Interface options include SCSI single-ended and differential, dual port differential and an option for AS400 connectivity.

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