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M4 Data M9914
9-Track Quad Density Tape Drive

The M 9914 is a full function 9-track Open reel drive with a horizontal tape path. Available in desk or rack mount versions, it supports all four of the IBM/ANSI/ECMA sanctioned recording formats, 800 (NRZ), 1600 (PE), 3200 (DPE) and 6250 (GCR) bits per inch.

The design excellence of the M 9914 ensures absolute reliability. Few moving parts and the use of surface mount VLSI contribute to a mean time between failures (MTBF) of 25000 hours. The head assembly is mounted on a super-stable precision aluminium casting, with a straight and unobstructed path that gently funnels the tape onto the head stack. Precision polished ceramic and metal guides, none of which touch the delicate recording surface of your tape, and fail-safe over-tension protection guarantee accurate and gentle tape handling. This results in longer tape life, superb head/tape alignment (guarantees tape interchange), and virtually eliminates the risk of data loss. You can rely on the M 9914 to give years of reliable service even in the harshest environments.

The M 9914 has such a good tape path that it can provide an amazing 125 inches per second (ips) tape speed which results in a sustained data rate of 780K bytes per second. Tapes are easily and automatically loaded by simply inserting the media and closing the front door. Ease of use is further enhanced by the alphanumeric display which provides the user with operational and status information in plain English ( or French or Spanish or German or Dutch, you choose! ).

The fast auto-load time together with an equally impressive rewind speed of 320 ips and the read/write speed of 125 ips all ensure the fastest possible throughput.The fast SCSI-2 interface enables the transfer of data at up to 10 megabytes per second. It has both single-ended or differential operation, and a built in buffer of 2Mbytes. The buffer enables the 9914 to emulate the performance of a start/stop drive, but with all the inherent advantages of a streaming device.

Other interface options (Industry Standard / Pertec / Cipher / SCSI-1) make the 9914 the perfect replacement for the Kennedy 9610, Cipher/Overland 995 and HP88780 series products.

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