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Maintenance & Support Contracts

For those customers where the tape drive equipment is a vital part of the business, Interchange Technology is able to offer comprehensive and unmatched support for this equipment in the UK, Eire and mainland Europe.

Our support contracts offer guaranteed response and fix time, with 4 or 8 hour on-site attendance available subject to customer location. In the unlikely event of a repair not being possible within this timescale, then a brand new drive will be installed without charge whilst the repair is implemented.

All costs for labour, materials & parts (including read/write heads) are covered within the contracts as well as cable, interface and software updates. All site calls are logged, and each individual drive is monitored to ensure that it complies with current international data interchange standards.

The Interchange Technology help desk can usually mirror your system in-house which enables us to resolve operational problems immediately.

In addition, all new drives on continuous maintenance with Interchange Technology are subject to our unique 'Four Year Guarantee of Satisfaction' - In short, we will replace any unit that can not meet its original specification or performance within this timescale.

Please contact the Interchange Technology help line for immediate response


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